Uncategorized How Do Loan Comparisons Be Made?

How Do Loan Comparisons Be Made?

Good Credit is a website created in 2013 by financial experts. Our mission is to help Finns make better choices in their personal finances. In addition to extensive loan comparisons on our site, you will find plenty of tips on saving, investing, and other personal financial matters. We provide our readers with high-quality and expert information on these topics.

How Do Loan Comparisons Be Made?

How Do Loan Comparisons Be Made?

The loan comparisons are not automatically updated on our site, but we seek the information from the lenders themselves. For this reason, it should be remembered that comparisons and data are always indicative. While we strive to keep our site as up-to-date as possible, we cannot, for example, guarantee that you will be granted a loan at the interest rate quoted. Also, we cannot guarantee that you will find on this site all services that lend online.

We also do not list interest rate information on all of the articles on this site. You will always find up-to-date interest rates on loans whenever you go to the website of your preferred loan provider.

You can also fill out a loan application on our site, which will be sent to one or more banks for processing through a mortgage broker. For loan applications, we work with a loan broker.

All the services presented in the loan comparisons are under the supervision of the Southern Finland Regional Government Office and the Financial Supervisory Authority. Therefore, we do not present on our site services that do not comply with Finnish law.

Our Services Benefits to Consumers

  • All loans are unsecured loans
  • A quick and unbiased loan comparison to help you find the best loan
  • Using our site is always free
  • You can compete for up to 20 loan services in one application
  • Borrow quickly into your account. You can get a loan in your account in as little as 15 minutes

Responsible Lending

Responsible Lending

The Good Credit encourages people to lend responsibly. Before signing a loan agreement, you should always read the terms of the loan agreement as closely as possible. It should also be remembered that there are risks associated with borrowing, such as loss of credit if the loan is not repaid.

We do not recommend borrowing in the following situations:

  • Your financial situation is already bad
  • You can’t handle your finances in a good way
  • Not sure how you can handle Lana’s monthly installments
  • The need for money can be covered by something other than a loan

While we provide expert information on loans


Adjustments, and investments, you should always remember that there are risks involved, for example in the form of capital loss. The purpose of our service is solely to introduce and compare services that may be of interest to you.

We will not be liable for any capital loss or dispute with the lender.


When we redirect a visitor from this site to the loan service site, this site may receive compensation from these partners from their partner.

However, making a loan comparison or filling out a loan application on our site is always free to the consumer. We also do not arrange loans based on how profitable it is for this site, but we always strive to find the best loan solution from the consumer’s point of view.

The site is maintained by a group of economics experts. We have long experience in the loan industry and are particularly interested in managing our own finances. If you have any questions about managing your finances or your loans, please do so easily through the contact form. You can also email info @ Good Credit.

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